Data Card Holder

MasterPiece Arms

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This new system is designed to be used on any MPA full size chassis, BA Lite, Hybrid or CSR to provide a quick and effective method of viewing the shooter’s DOPE for target distances while keeping his cheek welded to the cheek riser. The Data Card has a surface similar to a dry erase board and is compatible with grease pens, dry erase pens or a Crayola® Washable Marker. When it is time to replace the data, simply wipe off the markings with a cloth or paper towel. To ensure that data isn’t accidentally erased, the shooter also has the option of putting painter’s tape on the card to write the data on and simply removing the tape when the stage or shooting session is completed.

  • The system attaches to any of the six oblong slots on either side of the magazine well.
  • Using an Allen wrench, loosen the set screw in the “Chassis Mount” component and slide the unit out of the oblong slot.
  • Tighten the set screw to secure the Chassis Mount component into the oblong slot.
  • Attach the 2 Round Holder to the Chassis mount via the button head cap screw that is included.
  • Slide on the Data Card Holder onto the dowel pin.
  • Rotate open or closed as needed.