MPA Adjustable Mag Catch

MPA Adjustable Mag Catch

MasterPiece Arms

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This adjustable mag catch can be added to any MPA BA, Comp, ESR, Hybrid, BA Lite, CSR or Ultralite Chassis.

The use of this adjustable mag catch is for those rare occasions when the magazine height needs to be adjusted for proper feeding. Please keep in mind, that our standard mag catch will suffice for 95+% of the various action & mag type configurations.

Installation is simple. Use a 1/8″ punch to remove the dowel pin that holds the exisitng Mag Catch In place. Re-install the new mag catch, making sure the compression spring is in place on the pin on the back face of the mag catch. Then adjust the slider plate until optimal feeding from your magazine is in place.

Kit includes the adjustable mag catch and 1/16 hex key. Please use your existing dowel pin and compression spring.