MPA Weight Tuning System

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The MPA Weight Tuning System was developed to give the shooter the ability to weight tune their MPA Chassis or rifle. This can be achieved by the addition of the entire weight system, or by using select weights for establishing desired balance points for their setup. If you are looking to improve your ability to spot impacts through weight enhancement, or simply want to change the balance point of your rifle assembly, our weight tuning kit is the ideal addition to your chassis.

The Complete Weight Tuning Kit for the full size BA/Comp Chassis

  • Steel Enhanced Bag Rider – 1.2 lbs
  • Steel Monopod Weight – 1 lb
  • Front Fore-end Weight – 1.2 lbs
  • Rear Fore-end Weight – 1 lb
  • 8 Front Fore-end clamps
  • 8 Button Head Cap Screws for the clamps
  • Fasteners for Attaching the Bag Rider and Monopod Weight

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Weight kit

Excellent service and very helpful getting everything setup!