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Trigger Cam

Triggercam 2.1

Triggercam 2.1

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Aircraft grade aluminum and proprietary anti shock materials: Military grade design, engineered to withstand recoil force and unforgiving outdoor conditions

Dimensions L x W x H : 100mm x 50mm x 93.2mm
Weight: 453 grams
Rifle Scope Eyepiece compatibility: 32mm – 48mm
Smart Phone APP: TRIGGERCAM 2.1 APP available on Android, IOS & Huawei operating systems. Live streaming capability, video gallery, camera control, download and edit videos.
Memory: SD Card up to 128G, Class U3 or Above.
Wi-Fi: Integrated Wi-Fi with live streaming function and instant downloading of videos
Quick record: Switches on power and record function for instant recording
Optics: Multi coated optical lens for optimal performance.
Video stabilization: Advanced video stabilization technology assists in optimal quality videos minimizing recoil effects. Function can be switched ON/OFF
Waterproof: IP64 rating
Battery: Integrated lithium ion battery with 2.5 hours recording time, and 10 hours standby time
High definition slow motion video replay: 4 x (1080P 100/120fps) / 8 x (720P 200/240fps)
True sound microphone: Able to record high quality sound 360 degree true sound, able to switch on and off
Resolution: 4K 30fps
1080P 120fps/60fps/30fps
720P 240fps/120fps
USB: C-type USB,
HDMI: Micro HDMI for TV output
Video output: PAL/NTSC
Recording Timing Alarm: Off/3min/5min/10min
Input Voltage: 5V
Other features: Auto low light function
What’s in the box: 1 x TRIGGERCAM 2.1
1 x C-type USB Cable
32GB micro SD card
1 x Quick start guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
J. McBee
Great Camera.

I had a black 2.1 and just wanted a colored one. I really thought it would be a little closer to the Vortex Brown but it’s not. It is Burnt Bronze!! It is amazing though. The film quality and the ability to use it as a training tool is amazing. It just flat out works. If you watch Jason’s setup video it will work as it should from the first use.

Mike Cahill
Amazing - if you’re on the fence, just freaking buy it!

This is pretty much the best thing you can get to help improve your shooting.
Did you s%#t the bed on a stage today? Go home and find out why! Did you clean a difficult stage for once? Send a clip to your buddies and pretend like you shoot that way all the time!
Camera is very easy to use, and the videos are simple to edit - just plug it into your laptop and you’re on your way.
Camera was at my front door in like 2 days - thank you!

Ethan Carroll
Small hiccups but great overall

The product is excellent. I received it two days prior to my Prairie dog hunt. I initially used it in my backyard to adjust the focus before taking it on the hunt. I discovered that adjusting the diopter can affect the video focus. Some clips with a shadow on the left side of the image when using high magnification. However, I found a solution by slightly pushing the camera to one side while tightening it, which eliminated the shadow issue. There might be a slight difference in parallax between what your eye sees and what the camera captures. To ensure uninterrupted recording, I had extra SD cards and swapped them when one became full. The device notifies you when the SD card is full and alerts you when the battery is running low. It's essential to have a battery pack if you plan on using it extensively in a day. On the second day, the device froze, but I was able to reset it by holding down both buttons for 15 seconds, and it resumed normal operation. Occasionally, the app experiences difficulties reconnecting after being closed and reopened. However, I noticed that sometimes the videos don't immediately appear when connecting via the app, but they become visible when I transfer the SD card to a computer.

Chris Morton
Great product. Better company and vendor

Jason and FR take great care of their customers. I had a firmware issue with my first camera, and they made things right. Highly recommend both the TRIGGERCAM and NEDVES.

Brett Meyer
Exceptional service

Jason is always a phone call away for friendly advice and information on a wide range of parts and accessories. I would highly recommend his services to any shooter out there.

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