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The most essential data for ballistics calculations is projectile speed. A chronograph is the best tool for the job. Whether you’re handloading for the range or building arrows for the hunt, the Xero C1 Pro chronograph provides the speed data you need to hone your craft.

  • Measure projectile speeds from 100 fps to 5,000 fps
  • The button-operated design is simple to use
  • Pair with the ShowView smartphone app to track your shots, measure deviation, and more
  • It's built to endure the elements with an IPX7 water-resistant rating
  • The compact design fits in your back pocket and is easy to set up
  • Battery life for up to 2,000 shots or up to 6 hours gives you plenty of time at the range

Customer Reviews

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J. McBee
Great piece of kit.

This is an AWESOME unit that's for sure. I have the Magneto Speed M3 w/ GrayOps mount, FX True Ballistics, FX Radar & Garmin. The Garmin for simplicity and compact ness it is awesome. This is one fine Doppler Chronograph that is so easy to use. I believe it is 5 buttons pushed from powering ON to getting needed data. I have used it from setting under a rifle, on an arca rail from back to front, 22lr to 308, 7.5" barrel to 26" barrel, suppressed and un suppressed. It is 100% gathering every round fired. I can not complain about any part of this system.

You are going to hear different shooters and YouTubers stating it's a different velocity from XYZ unit I have been using. Who knows if that unit is correct or not. You need Velocity from a unit to start your profile in your system you use for DOPE at matches. Then you have to true that solver as well. Buy a solid piece of kit, take care of it and it will take care of you. This Garmin Xero C1 is a piece I will keep in my kit at all times.